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Spine Race 1 week to go

With 1 week to go before I join up to 100 other Spine racers the question that I ask myself repeatedly is: Have I done enough training? The perfectionist in me is saying “no way – nowhere near enough” The rational part of me is saying “you couldn’t have done anything didfferent so go with

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Montane Spine Race 2017 2

Spine race update July 2016 Since signing up to the Montane Spine Race 2017 I have had plenty of time to reflect upon that questionable decision and have come to the conclusion that it was a good one (phew) having shelled out a lot of money for the “privilege” of putting my body through what

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Montane Spine Race 2017 1

“Why are you doing the Spine Phil?” I’ve been asked that question so many times. Here’s why I have signed up to do Britain’s toughest foot race. On November 25th 2015 I trekked almost to the summit of Mount Charleston in Nevada USA,  almost 3 times higher than Britain’s highest mountain (Ben Nevis) MC is 12,000ft, the waist high snow

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