Walking Group Leadership

The Walking Group Leadership Course £195.00

Sat 18th and Sun 19th April 2020 
09:00am – 5pm

The course participant
This 2-day skills development program is an ideal pre-course for those wishing to complete the MLTA approved WGL (Walking Group Leader) course or potentially the much more demanding ML (Mountain Leader). This course is also ideal for the adventurous trekker wish to acquire the skills to navigate safe routes during typical UK summer conditions.

Aimed at those who have some or very little experience of map reading, a keen interest in outdoor walking over fells, mountain trails or the countryside and wish to take their experiences to another level.

Why complete this course?

Mountain Rescue teams collect casualties from the hills, mountains and fells far too often. The majority of the casualties are often: unskilled in mountain, hill or fell navigation and unprepared physically, they are also often unprepared by way of poor equipment choice and unskilled in their outdoor decision making – choosing unsafe routes.

This course aims to help you address the above when planning your walking trip, and provides you with enough of the basics to ensure that you plan and prepare your walks as well as can be expected, thereby reducing risk and enhancing the probability of having a safe, enjoyable and rewarding outdoor experience.

Develop outdoor trekking skills competency which will also improve confidence.

Classroom based (day 1) Navigation and map skills
True north / Grid / Magnetic north explained, contours and reading the features, the compass explained, timings and distance, picking exciting walking routes from a variety of maps. (you will be given a complimentary compass on the day)

Equipmentwhy this matters

Gore Tex versus alternatives, footwear, socks, boots, shoes or trainers.. walking poles, underwear and wicking, base layers and cotton, fleeces/wind resistance, rucksacks / day sacks/ hats/ gloves / where our guides buy their gear and how they save a fortune when purchasing equipment.

Safety and the team Emergency procedures

Escape routes, who to call and what to call, basic rescue, common causes of casualties, first aid and emergency support, first aid kit checklist, survival bags / foil blankets / emergency kit to carry at all times

Motivation and the hill walker

Role of the walking group leader, poor weather and leadership, understanding your group, controlling a group of walkers, reward and recognition, pace of the group, managing and leading the many different types of walkers.


Crossing obstacles, Legal issues facing the walker, The WGL “should know stuff”
Introduction to Night Navigation (at the instructor’s discretion)

Practical map reading (day 2)

Day 2 is spent on the ground putting into practice what was taught on day 1
Compass use only, Map only use only, Map and Compass, Timings and pacing, Navigation using visible environment, Navigation group test individual assignments

Accommodation during the course

Any discount offered by the recommended Hotel is entirely discretionary and not guaranteed.

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